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Gladys Fernandez is an experienced and well-known dancer with a wide background of classical and modern dance. She  was born in Buenos Aires and studied at several national institutes of dance in the same city like the ‘Escuela Nacional de Danzas and the ‘Taller de Danza Contemporanea’ of the San Martin Theatre.

She was personally invited by Maurice Bejart to study contemporary dance under his direction at the ‘Mudra Internacional' in Brussels (Europe). After this period of studies she decided to return to Buenos Aires to be involved more and more in dancing Argentine Tango. Thereby she took classes by the popular teachers of this dance like Miguel Angel Zotto, Gustavo Naveira, Mingo y Ester Pugliese and Nito y Elba Garcia. In addition to this she encountered and took classes with some of the best and most characteristic dancers like Alberto Villaraso y Nelly, Puppy Castello, Alcibiades, Manolo, Tommy and Tano Guillermo.

Dancing at the famous majestic Theatre of Buenos Aires, ‘Teatro Colon’ she met actor and dancer Pablo Inza. With Pablo she returned in 1989 to Brussels. This formed the beginning of her international career. They opened their first Milongas in Brussels (Canal Tango) and gave lessons at several locations. They were involved in several formal occasions organized by the Argentine Embassy in Brussels. In this period Gladys gave lessons to the dancers of the Royal Theatre de la Monnaie (the Opera in Brussels).

As a performing artist and dancer Gladys was accompanied by famous orchestras like : Sexteto Canyenque of the Netherlands,  Veritango of Alfredo Marcucci in Belgium, the orchestra of Juan Jose Mosalini in France,  Grupo Hyperion in Italy and with the orchestras of Buenos Aires: Los Cosos de al Lao, Color Tango and  Casablanca.

Since 1994 Gladys is occupied and involved in the promotion and further introduction of the Argentine culture of dancing tango in Asia. Therefore she traveled at least 25 times to Asia and created and participated in many cultural events in Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Matsumoto city and Tokyo.

Foto: Demarbaix France
Foto: Lombardi

Next to her workshops and performances she also gave lessons to the professional dancers of the ‘Academy for Performing Arts’ in Hong Kong, the ‘Cia Adriana Borriello’ in Milan and the academy of dance at the University of Singapore.

At the moment Gladys has her residence in Holland. But as mentioned she travels frequently to cities all over the world. She travels between cities like Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Throughout her career she worked with several dance partners like Pablo Inza, Alejandro Aquino, Alejandro Angelica, Ricardo Barrios, Ricardo Gallo, Ricardo Calvo,Juanito Juarez and the Milongueros Teté et Pupy Castello. Thanks to her great effort, technical background, experience and artistic personality she is appreciated as a real ambassador of the Argentine Tango.

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